The Trip of the Battleship down the California Coast is Delayed by Weather Conditions

[UPDATE – May 30] USS Iowa is expected to arrive just off the San Pedro pier Wednesday morning.

Shortly after sunrise Wednesday, the USS Iowa should appear on San Pedro’s horizon as it is towed to an anchorage about 3 miles south of the Long Beach breakwater.

Spotting it from shore at that distance might be difficult.

The Crowley tug Warrior, which along with three other tugs has towed the ship from San Francisco, will be met by another tug at 7 a.m. and led to the anchorage site by 8 a.m. Wednesday. [Read More]

[UPDATE – May 25] The USS Iowa (BB-61) is scheduled to begin her voyage this Saturday from the Port of Richmond to under the Golden Gate Bridge to the Port of Los Angeles located in San Pedro.

The ship is expected to depart at 11 a.m. and pass underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, which will be closed to pedestrians, at 2:30 p.m. The bridge, of course, is celebrating its 75th year with a weekend festival and fireworks Sunday. [Read More]

The Navy's Vice Adm. Mark Skinner, left, and Robert Kent of the Pacific Battleship Center sign the donation transfer contract for the USS Iowa during a ceremony on Capitol Hill in April.

[May 22] The USS Iowa’s journey to California has been delayed due to unforeseen weather problems.

According to CNN (in a post that is updated):

[Updated 1:23 p.m. ET] A weather system affecting the West Coast has delayed plans to tow the battleship Iowa from the San Francisco Bay to the Port of Los Angeles, the tow boat operator said in a statement on Sunday.

Crowley Maritime Corp. said all activities related to the movement of the Iowa will be rescheduled once the weather system passes later in the week.

[Posted 12:50 p.m. ET] The battleship Iowa begins what its expected to be its final voyage on Sunday, being towed from Richmond, California, south to San Pedro, where it will open as a museum this summer.

The ship, launched in 1942 and decommissioned in 1990, has been part of the mothballed fleet anchored in Northern California’s Suisin Bay since 2001, according to a report in the Contra Costa Times. Efforts to turn it into a museum in the Bay Area were unsuccessful over the years, and it was acquired by the nonprofit Pacific Battleship Center for use as a museum in San Pedro, near Los Angeles.

“This is the final journey for the USS Iowa on open water,” Robert Kent, president of the Pacific Battleship Center, said in a statement on the organization’s website. “Upon arrival at Los Angeles Harbor, the USS Iowa will be just days away from opening as an interactive museum experience that honors and illustrates the contributions of this battleship and its Navy and Marine crew at critical moments in American history.”

The 45,000-ton, 887-foot-long Iowa will be towed out of San Francisco Bay, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Pacific time (6:30 and 7 p.m. ET) on Sunday.

A webcam is mounted on an antenna above the ship’s bow. The upcoming voyage will be streamed. You can watch the live stream here.

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  1. Is it true the museum must keep the Iowa in decent condition for emergency reactivation. I read a Reuters article that said the Navy refused to have the Iowa under its own power, because it is still a powerful warship. They also said the recent repairs were to bring it back to its 1989 condition. Wondering of they placed it on the West Coast on purpose?

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